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wen, and what happened when chaz brought wen to the miss america pageant, and turned pageant girls into wen girls. right now is the best time ever to give up your ordinary shampoo and try wen, because you can get 33 percent more cleansing conditioner and stay tuned to see how you can get the new wen travel kit absolutely free. this is our best deal ever. ♪ >> i'm sitting here with my friend chaz dean. chaz, so, i've been using wen for two years, right? and i just wanna say thank you, right off the bat-- >> you're welcome. >> --i just wanna thank you for my hair, because it was not like this before i started using wen. and, you know, being in the industry, they would fry my hair with, you know, with bad product, and using horrible irons. and it got so bad that i actually had to cut my hair off. >> i remember that. >> yeah. >> and people think you're doin' it--they probably think you're doin' it for the style, but they don't realize you're doing it 'cause of all the damage. >> exactly. >> and it's funny you say that, because i look back at all the celebrities that are out there on
by a pack of 1,000-pound animals in america's first-ever running of the bulls. we'll find out if the adrenaline rush was worth it today, sunday, august 25th, 2013. >>> from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill, live from rockefeller plaza. >>> and welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> and aisle carl in for lester holt. along with dylan dryer. it's a tough situation for the firefighters trying to get a handle on the massive fire burning in yosemite national park. officials say it's created its own weather pattern making it too unpredictable to control. we're going to get the latest in just a moment. >> scary stuff there. also ahead this morning, the escalating situation in syria. defense secretary chuck hagel saying today the u.s. military is ready to act if ordered to do so by the president. he says all options are being considered at this point. we are live in the region with new development. >> plus, we'll take you to an emotional memorial service that was held saturday for the mother and brother of kidnapped teen hannah anderson.
angry, america. >>> good morning, america. i know some people that are really happy. here are the winning numbers in the lottery. get it out. 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and the powerball, 32. >> oh. foiled by 32. >> just -- i was just going to say, that 32. >> we were close. line up because we've all gone winless. except for three. two of them coming actually in new jersey. here's one look at little egg harbor. it is in the sandy disaster zone. so, some real joy headed to a place that could use it. meanwhile, our linsey davis tracking the latest overnight from another winning location in the state of new jersey. that's where we find her. south brunswick, the place. linsey davis, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, josh. this is the super stop 'n shop. things opening up here. we were able to talk to one of the employees not too long ago inside. and he was telling us this isn't normally the place that has lottery frenzy. if you wanted to line up for a powerball ticket, there was no line at all. and while he has no idea who purchased that winning ticket, he's convinced som
ahead, "america's got talent" next round will feature two kids, two amazing dancers. they really are. ages 9 and 10. this morning they're going to show some of their moves as they prepare again for the next round of "america's got talented." we're anxiously awaiting being entertained by them. >> they haven't been together very long, by the way. less than a year i think. >> no, not very long. and her brother is also in it. family rival. >>> this is your last day temporarily. you are coming back. >> please always finish the sev sentence that i'm coming back. >> you'll probably be back next week right after you pop out the baby. >> we're going to try to give you some advice. >>> but first dylan has another check of our weather. >>> a lot of expensive equipment out here so really hoping the rain holds off. we have this woman over here. she's a trooper. everyone else she is with is sleeping. my brother is here from seattle and is sleeping. his one chance to see me and he's sleeping. thanks for coming on down here. a couple of light showers in the northeast today. nothing too heavy about b
't raid the 14-year-old daughter's closet. >> they're both single america. let's make this happen. >> thank you. >> you all look great. rebecca george, thank you so much. >> thanks rebecca. >> tomorrow, the secrets to finding love. ladies, come on. if you're going to love what we got also, coming up next, wild times with unusual animals. >> you're in trouble. times with unusual animals. >> you're in trouble. >> something i'm very ♪ over a thousand styles hundreds of fits dozens of washes and one very happy you. sears has the brands you love. so you found a few yeah, a few and only at sears, do shop your way members get an extra 20% back in points. this is the jean scene. this is sears. then you'll love lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years, easy to digest. easy to love. for 25 years, dadgood evening.ged. (giggle) i am the glow-bot. i will charge you... extra charge for you! extra charge for you! hit the lights queen of darkness. wowwwww! nighttime glow-in-the-dark pull-ups pants with ne
, united states of america. what was the first card you took, craig? can you flip it over and show the camera? seven. >> why do i have a feeling -- >> stop. that was amazing. >> that's kind of amazing. >> 4. >> 74. >> we have to move it along. >> i don't want to play. >> they match the serial number of craig's bill. hold the bill tight. hold it tight. stay standing, everyone. stay standing. that's a special bill. made a sponge disappear, you saw it, do you feel it? look inside your bill. >> oh, my goodness. >> no. >> you have seconds. >> seconds. really quick. look at my eyes. last time i read your -- guessed your favorite restaurant, dylan, can you think of a dish in your mind? any dish? >> a favorite or any dish? >> any dish. >> got one in your mind? >> yes. >> so before i came to the "today" show i had a vision and it was a vision of food. i always think about food. and i went to a restaurant near me and i picked up one dish. i have a question for you. what's the dish in your mind right now? >> i can say it? >> yes. >> a lobster roll. >> i went to luke's lobster and i actually p
this is safe. the mind-blowing moves going viral this morning. >>> and good morning, america. robin and sam are off today. and it's shaping up to be a very busy tuesday. so much to get to. including the father of 16-year-old hannah anderson. he is now speaking out for the first time since hannah's kidnapping. what an ordeal for that family. >> and dad says it will be a slow recovery. we'll get to that in a moment. >>> we want to go right to ginger zee. funnel clouds over baltimore. >> it's a huge feel. we have strong to severe thunderstorms for a large part of the east. the funnel clouds were reported earlier. now, the severe weather, just southwest of philadelphia. not only is this going to bring you the severe weather potential, in the mid-atlantic and northeast, flood watches from connecticut to kentucky, all throughout the plains. and that one town, manitou springs, got so hard hit last weekend, hit again last night. >> it's the most terrifying thing i've ever seen. i can't stop shaking. >> reporter: flash flooding, terrorizing the mountains of colorado again. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporte
in america they have never known. when hundreds of thousands marched on washington for jobs and freedom and martin luther king jr. threatened to change things, peacefully. >> i have a dream. my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character. i have a dream. >> reporter: even though none of them have heard the whole speech or studied his life in depth, they have strong opinions about the man and his legacy. >> i want to know how he could take all that punishment and all the anger people took out on him. >> reporter: on why dr. king is important. >> i never experienced a racial incident. i have never been through that. >> he made it possible for me to go through a privileged school. >> reporter: on equality. do you think everybody is equal and treated the same? >> sometimes. sometimes not. depends on where they are. >> reporter: if dr. king were here today, what would you say to him? >> thank you because i appreciate all the things he has done for us. >> i would just love to hear him speak. >>
: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, new york. >> thank you, aditi. >>> now, to an abc news exclusive. a truly remarkable story. the fbi is, in fact, looking for your help this morning. reopening an almost half-century-old mystery. kidnapping and mistaken identity. a remarkable story coming to light thanks to months of work by our barbara walters. barbara here with us this morning. and this all started when a newborn was stolen from a hospital in chicago. >> that's right. and by the way, you mentioned my colleagues. this is the abc investigative unit. and we're very big. imagine a mother whose baby is stolen out of her arms. she gets the baby back. or so she thinks. and now, almost 50 years later, that son she raised has come forward to speak exclusively to us. looking at old family photographs of paul fronczak is a strange experience. because the baby in his baby pictures is not him. how do you feel when you see this picture? >> i feel like i want to find him and hug him and make sure he's okay. >> reporter: paul fronczak recently discovered his entire life, his name, his p
"america's got talent" the little dog bailey and dance partner. they will be here live this morning. >>> we do begin this half hour with a close call in california. police say a situation there was milliseconds from tragedy when a scene being shot for a movie got too real. >> reporter: as linda bergsly approached a coffee shop she saw something that made her hair stand on end -- armed, masked men threatening people inside. >> there was a gun. >> reporter: she quickly called 911. >> one pulled the gun out of the pocket. >> reporter: police rushed to the scene, prepared for a potential gun battle. >> by all intents and purposes it was an armed robbery and cops responded as such. >> reporter: an audio device captured what happened next. >> what are you doing? we're shooting a short film. >> after they stripped him the gun, he saw the film crew. >> reporter: the gunman and supposed hostages were actors, shooting an independent film. >> they didn't pull permits and didn't notify the police department. do. of an important thing to >> reporter: but according to the glenn dora city website, the fi
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, a floatilla arrives to save the reefs. some are america's finest who have already given so much. they are all u.s. military veterans who lost limbs or suffered traumatic brain injuries and are part of a support group called combat wounded veterans challenge. the biggest challenge to come back whole after suffering the wounds of war. a retired chief who lost a leg says it camaraderie of fellow vets he owes his soul. >> it allows me to be the master chief, again. the loss of identity is back. it's everything. >> reporter: on this day, the vets joined scientists at a laboratory who grow coral in an underwater nursery. when it's big enough, it's replanted on reefs decimated. >> the great thing is our military mission is they want a purpose. in transplanting coral, they have a purpose. >> reporter: another reason is to do research on how they can better use the prosthetic devices in water. there's little study so far. helping with that is billy k costel costello. he lost a leg in afghanistan. just a year later, he climbed mt. kilimanjaro. a group of florida teens who dove with the vets at the cora
. america's cup is in town and win is likely going to play a factor out there. as we head throughout the afternoon, of course, catch that cup right here on nbc bay area. starting at 1:00 p.m. and it is going to be exciting just like yesterday. 78 degrees livermore. 68 degrfremont. we'll have the seven day outlook in a few minutes. >>> talking about the bay bridge approach. behind me, the lights are on and things are very slow here in this location. we do have an accident and that is in north bay. this is on 101 near marin wood. through petaluma. things are heavy from hayward on 880 over towards san mateo bridge headed down into the south bay. south bay, not looking at major accidents but the slow spots on 17s and toward 101. that's a quick check of morning news. [ female announcer ] new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. hearty oatmeal now softly baked with a drizzle of cinnamon. it's a brand-new take on a morning classic. soft-baked oatmeal squares. new from nature valley. with simple, real ingredients, like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate fla
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growing tall and green ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves ♪ grown in america. picked & packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life™. >>> 7:26 right now. we begin with breaking news this morning. i was just told that bradley manning, accused wikileaks leaker, is now the sentenced to 35 years in prison, literally that just coming into the newsroom. locally a suspected burglar in the hospital after shot by asecurity guard outside a senior apartment complex in almaden. it happened near the guadeloupe oak grove park on starwood place. a security guard was driving home from work and thought he saw someone break into his father's car. that's when the guard confronted the group of four suspects and opened fire. one suspect was hit and suffered nonlife threatening injuries. i teen shot and killed in east palo alto overthit. the 19-year-old slumped over in the driver seat of a parked car with gunshot wounds. he later died at the hospital. officers are look for the gunmen. >>> tense moments at san francisco city hall. po
. >> no -- >>> from abc news live from new york, this is "good morning america" with dan harris and bianna golodryga. >> i have this exam right here, it's incredibly embarrassing. describe the battle of quebec. who first discovered the following places, florida, pacific ocean, the mississippi river, the st. lawrence river. >> you don't know who won the battle of quebec? >> yes. no, i don't. >> where did you go to school? >> i don't know who was fighting in the battle of quebec. >>> we have news this morning. developing story out of the michigan, the doctor accused of trying to profit by mistreating cancer patients. the fed raided his office. what his lawyer is saying this case this morning. >> this has allegedly been going on for years. >>> on a happier note, he's the nfl's oldest rookie, he's 28 years old, and after serving times for a crime he did not commit. brian banks is getting a shot at his nfl dream. so many people rooting for him. >> i love this story, his attitude is great. you'll hear from him coming up. >>> and you may have seen the can chillow infomercial, and this morning mom testers a
, everybody, are you ready for a good morning, america? >>> look at that. carrie underwood, broadcast journalism major there. coming up in a little bit. robin and sam off today. great to have ginger here. lara to my right. different angle. >> musical chairs edition. >> look who is back from vacation, too. >>> a lot to get to including the alarming sink hole just outside of orlando. >> we have live shots right now, looking at the live shots from our station, wftv over the huge si sinkhole. >>>let get right to the rescue of hannah anderson, reunited with her father after a massive manhunt that stretched from southern california to idaho. ryan owen is in boise with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. hannah is with her father this morning. she's in good shape, at least physically. yesterday, she met with a view visitors, namely the horseback riders whose tip blew this case wide open. it wasn't just those heros in uniform who saved hannah anderson. >> hannah's coming home. >> reporter: it was these sharp-eyed civilians on horseback. >> just had a gut
-v-necked shirts, chest all out. simon cowell's kid is america's royal baby. we'll vote on the baby. >> not for sure e about that. you can vote on a.g.t. the competition is g getting fierces they move sorts the semifinals. >> down to 12 people there and only four can make it. so it's rough. >> watch a.g.t. tuesday night on nbc. >> let's get you caught up on the most talked about stories in tonight's now trending. >> for the last 10 years, beyonce has dominated the music scene with her hits and, let's face it, her hair.r. that's why the internet almost exploded when beyonce posted these fresh new pics on instagram. short hair, don't care, een bey showing off her pipixie cut getting over 850,000 likes in over 24 hours, the inspiration, nobody knows for sure. it could be that caught on youtube momement when her hat gt caught in a fan during her tour. the reviews. >> it's fresh and w. >> a short haircut doesn't do her justice. >> i like it. >> a source says i it's the real deal, not a wig. >> what do you think of the beyonce cut? >> i'm not really feeling it. >> no. well, justin bieber
their precious daughter was alive. and so, after nine years of separation an arrival gate in america. pure joy. >> hi, daddy. christie maynard who heard their story stepped in to help the family. >> very pretty. >> reporter: she took her on a shopping trip on her first day in america. >> it is so cool. >> yeah, let's go. it is so overwhelming, it makes me feel complete. >> reporter: and she already has a big american dream. >> i want to be a doctor, like for women who is pregnant, and small kids. >> reporter: ast steory that red us, sometimes god smiles and those who lived through dark days in africa can find light in a country founded on hope. bob woodruff, abc news, new york. >> what a great way. >> love that story. >> what a great we to end our newscast. the family reunited after nine years. boy do they have stories to tell each other. >> what a wonderful young woman she is. >> she will be a doctor. >> bet you she will. >> i can't wait to see it happen. good for them. >> see you in a little bit. ♪ >>> this the new york city police department now has to be part of the solution because the
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of 19 america diplomatic posts. richard engle is in cairo with the latest. good morning, richard. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. the pentagon announced that the air force has begun helping american government personnel to leave yemen as we are learning more about this plot that has caused so much international concern. u.s. sources tell nbc news it was this man who replaced osama bin laden to head al qaeda that said he wanted to do something big. a massive attack during these, the final days of the muslim month of ramadan. the target wasn't very specific, but the assassins tapped for the job were. al qaeda's most capable branch located in yemen, but they were intercepted leading washington to close 20 posts at least through the weekend and issue travel alerts through august. >> we have to be continually vigilant and have been. >> reporter: today americans were told to leave yemen where al qaeda established a base. >> they have people that are very determined and very patient in attempting to carry out these attacks against the united states. >> reporter: they have especially
right there. all right. it was fight night on "america's stern and" as howard howie mandel got into it a little bit. >> you know howard's never to say what he thinks and the tension may have started at a dinner party howard threw at his house. tony dovolani got the full story backstage after the show. sure, america's got talent but the judges? >> you guys disagree a lot. ever haveuld never, said that. >> it's not about me, it's about them. gloves come out and fists come out. >> howard getting tough with with his lovie dovie wife, beth. >> she's been here every single week. >> she's incredibly hot and i love her. who knew howard was such a romantic. >> every holiday you make cards for me. >> yes, always do. and he takes pictures and prints them out and pastes them. seene thing you'll never him scribable in those cards. poetry. not into >> which she watches "the bachelor" and one of those guys reading poetry. >> don't ever write me a poem. keep peace on to the panel, inviting the judges over to dinner. >> do you think the supreme court gets together and parties? >> what happened
's department says that he could be anywhere in north america adding that he is an experienced camper. so one possibility is that he is hiding in the wilderness. >> let's hope they track him down. joe, thanks so much. there is new trouble this morning for anthony weiner. mara has the latest. good morning. >> good morning everyone. during what was supposed to be a routine voter outstanding reach event weiner mocked journalists and made bizarre jokes and started speaking in a british accent. this as his support among voters slips even more. >> reporter: thursday, anthony weiner campaigned door to door in new york's harlem neighborhood but amidst the knock knocks really odd jokes. >> you have like plumbing and stuff like that. >> reporter: still dealing with the fall out from his recent sexting scandal he turned on reporters traveling with him including one from germany. he didn't seem to find anything funny about questions regarding he has candidacy. >> is it ambition? is it hunger for power? >> he went on to mock the reporters british activitit acc >> the hunger for the big job. >> reporter: b
for the all-america game. after that we went to bogota, columbia, and we won our gold medal there. >> as she winds down her high school career, lauren is ready for the next chapter of her life which will play out in oklahoma. >> i will be attending university of oklahoma. i got a full ride there. i'm looking to go into broadcast journalism. i'm so excited for it. it's going to be a lot different than orange county, california, but i'm ready for that change. >> i think that lauren is a young icon because of her success so far. she's a great example. and i think that if any young person could be in her shoes, they would absolutely know where they're at. >> i would say i'm a role model basically because of the way i carry myself. i am respectful. i am proactive about life. i want to get the best out of life and myself. i push other people to be their best. >> i think the thing that makes me proud of lauren as a person is her ability at a young age to handle all the pressure and attention. she's able to stay grounded and takes it in stride. takes it in stride. >> don't go away. [ male announcer
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conservation story and it was taken from north america due to ddt and other toxins and the bird is now in the population and it's stabilized once again. >> we want to thank you for all you are doing and for coming to see us. we want to thank everybody in charleston. you guys -- thank you. jeff: singer, star, author, and a model. >> i sing with my eyes open. jeff: with an exclusive look at his new movie. plus, he's singing for us. ♪ baby, that's why you bring out the best in me ♪ [applause] jeff: ok! all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show, and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show because
. we wish her a happy birthday. columbia, missouri, one of the great towns in america. he is 100 years old today and he enjoys, loves to talk politics. don't get too, you know, you can get fired up over that. especially with family get togethers. you might deck somebody. that's our birthday group today. now back to new york city where they always have fun. >> willard, thank you very much. up next, we will reveal the book pick for today's book club and we'll meet the promising author but first, this is "today" on nbc. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month
. >> hit the top of the tree. >>> a massive blaze raging near one of america's most popular tourists destinations. the governor declaring a state of emergency. crews going door to door telling residents to get out. wear's there live. >>> a stunning domestic terror plot in las vegas. two people under arrest including a 67-year-old woman for allegedly planning to kidnap, torture and execute police officers. this morning how investigators were able to stop that plot. >>> only one place to be, one direction is the hottest band on the planet and their fans are filling the plaza and well beyond today for a live concert, friday, august 23rd, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-d in rockefeller plaza. >>> good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm sorry, did you say something? i can't hear you over all the squealing fans that are here for one direction. guys i have a little present for you. ear plugs, because it can get rather loud. i gave you three. >> this crowd is
of america. >>> investigators are returning to a quiet neighborhood in connecticut where a disaster played out on friday afternoon. a small plane crashing into two homes. inside one of those houses, two, young children. abc's linzie janis is on the scene in east haven, connecticut. linzie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the people of this small community who sit right along a runway, says this is one of their worst fears come true. rescuers searched through the night, recovering four bodies, including two children who were inside one of the homes crushed by a small plane that came crashing out of the sky. >> children in the house. >> reporter: one of its wings, slicing through an upstairs bedroom, where neighbors say a 1-year-old and 13-year-old may have been. >> we seen it hit. one wing went through one house. the left side of the wing, landed in the bedroom where the two children were. >> reporter: within seconds of the crash, their mother could be heard screaming on the front lawn. >> she's upstairs. she went upstairs. and flipped over the bed. and flipped over a crib. an
's office says dimaggio could be anywhere in north america, adding that is he an experienced camper so one possibility is that he is hiding in the wilderness. willie? >> let's hope they track him down. thank you so much. >>> new trouble this morning for embattled new york city mayoral candidate, anthony weiner. good morning. >> during what was supposed to be a pretty routine voter out reach event, weiner mocked journalist and made bizarre jokes and at one point he started to speak in a british accent, this as his support among voters slips even more. thursday new york city mayoral hopeful, anthony weiner, campaigned door to door in the harlem neighborhood. still dealing with the fallout from the recent sexing scandal, weiner turned on those traveling with him. weiner said later he was just kidding but he didn't seem to find anything funny with questions regarding his candidacy? he went on to mock the reporter's accent. before launching into a bizarre weather report. >> it's going to be rainy, cloudy and gray -- >> reporter: but weiner did not just seem irritated by the press. he also publi
it was a period of uplifting and hope. >> hope and courage. this was a turbulent time in america, the '60s. >> this is a very different country than it is now. segregation was the rule and the law in most of the south. >> the march on washington was scheduled mo ed for midweek in of keeping it small. people were told to stay home. government officials feared the worst. >> they had troops surrounding the city just in case violence broke out. >> we have waited for 345 years for our basic constitutional and god given rights. >> the march drew a quart e of a million people and king's speech not only galvanized the nation, it was the turning point of the civil rights movement. >> it was so orderly and so peaceful. not one incident. the generations continue to derive hope and courage and inspiration from those words. i have a dream. >> i have a dream today. >> 17 minutes, 1579 words, finishing work composed at the willard hotel the night before. 50 years later today after president obama speaks, bells will ring all throughout washington, d.c. the country and the world commemorating those words o
. you sang "god bless america." what did that feel like to sing in front of a crowd like that? a lot of the stuff you've been doing has been on youtube. >> it was really amazing and the crowd was really great. it was just a lot of fun. >> who has inspired you, honey, i know taylor swift, you like her. who's the best singer in the whole world, do you think? >> taylor swift, of course. lea michele. >> yeah. you like "glee" and all that stuff. do you see a career in broadway or singing popular songs, what do you think? >> i hope one of those happens, something with singing. >> you will, i think. >> you're going to sing a little bit of a taylor swift song for us, right? which one is it? >> "we are never getting back together." >> that's a good one. >> never, ever. >> maddie lee. >> take it away, maddie. ♪ i remember when we broke up the first time ♪ ♪ saying this is it i've had enough ♪ ♪ we haven't seen each other in a month when you said you needed space ♪ ♪ then you come around again and say baby i miss you and i swear i'm going to change ♪ ♪ trust me ♪ never laste
the bebob ♪ scooby do ♪ guess what, america we love you ♪ ♪ we rock and roll we're going to rock you 101 ♪ ♪ i don't mean to brag >> you know what's really -- ♪ i don't mean to boast ♪ you're like hot butter on breakfast toast ♪ >> i should point out that my sorority sister is here and she knows every word, too. >> no. no. this is a wasted childhood if you know this song. ♪ and the food just ain't no good ♪ ♪ the macaroni's soggy ♪ the peas are mush ♪ and the chicken tastes like wood ♪ how do you not sing along? come on. ♪ he just being polite ♪ he ain't finish you -- ♪ and you think of a lie >> oh, can we please put me out of my misery? how long is this song? >> it's six minutes. >> oh, my -- >> "rapper's delight" is the best -- >> sorry. >> oh, come on. a little "rapper's delight." >> >>> is it okay or not okay to ask your fans to finance your movie? >> what? what a weird question. >> here's what we had to say about it. >> sure, as long as there's something in it for the fans besides bragging rights. >> that was really genius. what you said. my answer is if
thing. apologize to america. >> i would like to apologize -- well, wait. i have a question. when you did the "ellen" show do you remember chugging the grape juice? >> i never said it was wine. right after i said, it's grape juice. >> i don't think so! >> that makes me a liar and a cheat, too. >> we have a special edition of the plaza ambush makeover in honor of kathie lee's big birthday. >> how big? >> two women of a certain age every day this weekend. >> and stylist to the stars louis lacari, la, la, la, la. >> i really need to write a new one. >> yes, you do. and jill martin, an author. >> indeed. >> how were the pickings? >> raining again . >> tomorrow it will be beautiful the rest of the week. we found two great ladies and we're super excited. both of them, by the way, teachers. >> first up is diane peterson, 63 years old. >> you said 63. that's the word. i heard sixty three. she recently lost 100 pounds, retired from teaching after 25 year and she wanted a new look for the new chapter of her life. let's listen to her story. >> >> love this sign. let's get through the bucket list. lo
is older. >> definitely denzel. let's go. oh, jeff bridges is 63. denzel is 58. there's no more? >> america was enjoying that. we could have done that for a long, long time. >> anyway, here's an interesting tidbit. a new study came out and it said that children who grow up with multiple siblings have a greater chance of having a marriage that does not end in divorce. in other words -- >> less likely to be divorced the more siblings you have. 20% more with each sibling you have. >> you get that, it makes you realize you have to share the bathroom, you can't have the tv on whatever channel you want. you have to compromise. the more siblings you have, the more likely your marriage will last. i think that's true. it's true only children think that the world -- >> except you and i both had two siblings and we're both divorced. >> so much for that. >> but i have been married almost 27 years this time. making up for a mistake, although i'm still friends with my ex -- >> you okay? >> -- my ex-husband, i am. >> that's good, that's good. i am not. anyway, we did ask you about the today's app. there's
of america's most powerful families, it's the family business, the newly renamed bill, hillary, and chelsea clinton foundation. ♪ >> reporter: that since 2001 has directed crucial attention and resources to everything from life-saving medicines in africa to community development here in the u.s. as first reported by "the new york times," a 2011 review of the foundation raised concerns about infighting, bad management, and conflicts of interest. observers say echoing problems in bill clinton's white house and his wife's 2008 campaign. >> they have grand ambitions and get a lot done, but they also have messiness. >> reporter: the "times" reports the foundation run multimillion dollar deficits which the foundation disputes. among its expenses, a first-class ticket for clinton global initiative guest actress natalie portman who brought her pet yorkie, and months worth of international flights for employees working on a climate change proposal that never materialized. >> if there are problems at the foundation, they are now hillary clinton's problems. and that's the big challenge for her in 20
time. >> i'm learning to embrace. i think we went way too far. please. most of america does, too. >> no, they don't. all right. it's been happening all week, and we're not stopping now. two more amazing ambush makeovers. >> i'm glad for all the other ladies. when do i get mine? i look like tan mom. all right. and you can crash my party anytime. country music hottie luke bryan is here. >> right. >> i'm going to have one more bite because it's almost my birthday. ♪ shake it for me >>> he is country music's fastest rising star. luke bryan is having quite a year. he hosted the academy of country music awards with blake shelton -- >> who? >> blake shelton. and while he was there he happened to snag the entertainer of the year award. >> can you imagine how blake must have been so upset? and his first headlining tour his been sold out since the spring. and his latest album called "crash my party" is headed to the number one spot on billboard's 100 chart. you know what? that calls for a little drink of something. my dad used to say let's have a little sip of something to celebrate that. yeah.
to america on a ship. >> yeah. >> and because my daddy was based -- thanks. you made me cry looking at my daddy. >> well, okay, we'll -- >> what are you looking at? >> we're going to turn the beat around. >> turn it around, hoda. >> one of the favorite commercials is -- >> e-trade the little baby -- no, we don't have that one. this is the kraft zest y commercial. >> oh, i love that. >> let's roll that. >> why? oh, him! oh, that guy. >> it's not just about how well you roast, it's how good you look while roasting. [ bell ] oh. what's your style? in the mood to show off a little leg. maybe like me you have a signature look. or perhaps au naturel. >> my birthday is looking up. >> so wait, can i ask a question? are you hungry? >> i am for zesty man! where is he? >> zesty man. >> oh, my gosh. >> hello! >> hello, kathie, i brought you a salad. it's kraft italian zesty salad. >> oh, thank you. >> happy birthday. >> linger. linger. linger. thank you, sweetie. and because you noticed i'm overweight, you gave me greens. >> i brought you a bowl of health. >> a bowl of health. the very first commerc
. let's get to it. amber carrington from team adam! and adam is relieved. america keeps her in the game. amber moves on. >> i love you. i love you. oh, i love you. >> okay. >> little love fest happening. >> something special happening. >> now we're going to choose again. it came down to the swan brothers, who you saw. and holly tucker. both from team blake. we're going to watch a couple of segments. please, don't speak. ♪ ♪ >> okay, of those two, who do you think? >> the young lady's name is holly? >> yeah, i think holly. >> and you are correct. >> really? >> holly went home. >> holly's lovely, but when i listen to her voice, it's not a voice i have never heard before. >> it's a beautiful voice. >> it's reminiscent of many others. those swan brothers, first of all, they have a great name. it's like remember when the gatland brothers came along? we haven't seen a male judds, something like that. they are charming and the young one, i think he's the younger one, is hot. i think they have more of a chance. >> they have a real chemistry. >> i wish holly all the best. she seems like a lo
thought, which is rare for me. now the nsa knows where i am. i was the only person left in america that they couldn't find. and now they can. >> was googling a rush? >> you know what? i was stunned how easy it was. and then i was stunned how great it -- what a wonderful tool it was. >> all right. >> but haven't done it since. >> so if you were home last night, "the voice" is on. now it's getting down to it. you guys. last night the final three performed. okay? so the winner is going to obviously be from this group. two of them are team blake. one of them is team usher. >> that means adam and shakira are out. >> just cheerleading. they are probably, like, so angry. >> first the swon brothers from team blake. ♪ even though we ain't got money i'm so in love with you honey everything will bring a chain of love ♪ ♪ in the morning when i rise bring a tear of joy to my eyes and tell me everything's going to be all right ♪ >> okay. a great advantage when you sing a song like that that everybody knows and everybody loves. the trouble is -- >> what? >> when you are in that singing co
in cleveland. you're from cleveland. you sang "god bless america." what does that feel like to sing in front of a crowd like that because a lot of the stuff you've been doing is on youtube. >> it was really amazing and the crowd was really great. it was just a lot of fun. >> so who has inspired you, honey? taylor swift, you like her. who is the best singer in the whole world do you think? >> well, taylor swift, of course. and lea michele. >> so you like "glee" and all that. do you see a career in broadway or singing popular songs? what do you think? >> well, i hope one of those happens. something with singing. >> well, you will, i think. >> you'll sing a little bit of a taylor swift song for us. which one is it? >> "we are never getting back together "." >> take it away, madi. ♪ ♪ i remember when we broke up the first time saying this is it i've had enough ♪ ♪ because we haven't seen each other in a month ♪ ♪ when you said you needed what then you come around again and say i miss you ♪ ♪ and i swear i'm going to change it lasted for a day ♪ ♪ i say i hate you we break up
sorry thing, you need to apologize to america. >> i would like to apologize -- wait, i have a question. when but the "ellen" show, do you remember when you chugged that grape juice? >> yes, but i never said it was wine. afterwards i said, "it's grape juice." >> i don't think. that makes -- >> that makes me a liar and a cheat, too. >> we have another edition of our plaza ambush makeovers. in honor of kathie lee we're surprising two women in the crowd over a certain age every day this week. give me that. >> contributor and stylist to the stars, louis vicari. >> and contributing editor for people, jill martin. >> raining again. >> the weather will be changing. it will be beautiful the rest of the week. we found two great ladies. we're super excited. both are teachers. >> first up is diane schatz-peterson, 63 from long island -- >> you said 60-3. that is the word. i heard 60 -- >> three. no. >> all right. >> she recently lost almost 100 pounds, retired from teaching after 25 years. she wanted a brand new look for this brand new chapter in her life. let's take a listen to her story. >> love
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